some files convert properly others do not

Hello all,

using v2.66, (but this problem has occurred in the previous version as well).

I've converted file names & tags for hundreds of albums on my hard drive over the last year but yesterday ran into a perplexing problem.

Tried converting file names and tags for 2 individual albums, one in FLAC format (to mp3) and the other in mp3 format (also to mp3, just cleaning up tags, file name)

In BOTH instances the batch converting process Convert - tag - filename the editor converted only some of the files and the other files the error message displayed was:

"The system cannot find the path specified."

I checked the files, they play correctly. I even went to a different program and converted the FLAC files to mp3 THEN tried to convert the tags that way but the same files showed error messages.

Anyone else have this happen and know a fix? Let me know if you need more info.

Again, after converting litterally hundreds of albums (going through my collection and trying to unify to the tagging method in the albums of my library), using all the versions of mp3 tag editor over the last year (as in the most updated versions as they are released) this is the first time I've had an error of this nature occur.

Based on the error message it seems the files aren't "seen", yet they are in the same folder and the from the same album as the files that are seen and properly converted. A head-scratcher.


On a lark I attempted to manually edit one of the files mp3 tag editor could not edit (I should have mentioned that for all of the files above, tag editing within the program was all done without difficulty; it is when I tried to edit / convert the file name to match the tag information (cntrl + f1) that the errors arose).

So manually editing the file name I ran out of space when typing the artist, album, track number and I thought that was weird because a) the new windows OS gives you lots more spaces to name files and :sunglasses: the other files that converted had no such difficulty.

I remember having this space issue before and decided to try simply moving the files into a different folder (or, more importantly, simply OUT of the folder they were currently in).

Oddly, that solved the problem. Once I moved the files out of their original folder, I was able to go back into mp3 tag editor and complete to process of converting the file names via the batch command and now my file names and tags for that album are uniform.

Computers are quirky beasts. I'd love to know why this occurs in the first place....

Which new Windows OS are you talking about?
Since ages the maximal length of the path is 255 characters and I am not aware that it has changed recently. This path-length includes the filename.
I also don't understand how you can run aout of space when editing the tags, Only the filename is relevant for the length of the path.

If this shortens the path with the filename below 255 characters it might be the reason.

There also may be a rights-problem with the folder.

Thanks for your reply.

My OS is Win 8.1

Yes, I realized the space allotment for characters was significantly higher than back in the old days but I didn't know it was 255 characters, so thanks for filling in that detail.

I apologize for my less-than-succinct description. I did mean to emphasize the error occurred not in editing tags, but in converting the file name within the program.

And as I discovered shortly, simply moving the files out of the folder they were in and putting them in a completely new folder solved the problem (i.e., I was then able to go back within the program and edit the file name to my liking). I did look at the folder & file properties but I didn't see anything that would have disallowed me to make changes to the individual files, so I still don't know why it a) happened or :sunglasses: happened only on some of the files and not all of them.

Ultimately I'm satisfied for the time being with the move-the-file(s)-somewhere-else "fix" but I'm no closer to knowing the "why" of it.

Thanks again for your time! I don't post to forums frequently but I really appreciate your quick response and attention.


That have been the very very very old days. :wink:

Theh did you have a look at the complete path-length of the filename to create?

255 characters seems long but I run into this problem quite often. Therefore I cared for having no long path and situtated all my MP3s in a subfolder of the root with the name MP3.

If for instance you habe a path and a naming pattern like this

c:\user\Calliper\Music\MP3-Albums\This is a very long Artist Name\This is a very long Album name\12 - This is a very long Artist Name - This is a very long title name.mp3

you easyly exceed 255 characters for the path.

You have to respect ... Windows behaviour ... so Mp3tag can handle ...
258 characters maximal length for a filepathname in the root folder of a disk.
259 characters maximal length for a filepathname in a subfolder of a disk.

See also ...
what is maximum number of characters allowed in filename?