Sorry if I don't understand, how to multi-change.


Hi Florian! First of all, thanks for Mp3Tag, I use it mainly for retreiving mp3 tags from freedb to fill them in my nonamed ripped tracks. I would use it as my ONLY mp3tagger if only understand how to multi-tag more mp3s, for example giving to some mp3s the same author. Do I miss something? Sorry, but I don't speak german at all.
Thanks, Fede.

PS Are you from Romania? Your name suggest me it, and you also included Romanian language to mp3tag, so...
I'm from Italy, but my father was Romanian.


NOW I've undrestood...of course I never did it, and I've discovered how to do it 5 minutes after my usual... ::slight_smile:


Fine :smiley:!

Have fun,
~ Florian

P.S.: I'm from Germany but a Romanian user of Mp3tag translated the language file for me :slight_smile:.