Sort Composer Column Sorting

I'd like to create a column which will show me the sort composer tag sorted to show all composers with The in them. E.g

Postal Service, The
Grid, The
Fall, The

Is there a way to do this so that all these tags would be sorted in the column? I know i need to use the sort by field, but am unsure after this!

Many Thanks

Steve 45

Just to clarify what you have requested ...

  1. Do you know how to create a column in the list view?
  2. Do you want to use the content from the tag-field COMPOSERSORT to display in a new column in the list view?
  3. Do you know how to sort a column in the list view?
  4. Do you want to filter this tag-field for entries, which contain the string ', The'?


Yes, I can create a new column. I want to use the COMPOSERSORT tag-field for the column. Its from then on I want to sort the column by "", The"

Many Thanks!

Steve 45

Not all questions have been answered to clarify the situation, so next question ...
5. The string ', The' is a constant literal, how could it be sorted?
6. Do you want to filter the column entries to detect only entries, which contain this string?


A shoot in the dark ...
You can try to sort the column ComposerSort, which displays the content of the tag-field COMPOSERSORT, by the content of the corresponding tag-field COMPOSER.
Doing so, all the COMPOSERSORT entries like 'Artist, The' will be sorted in the same order as the corresponding COMPOSER entries like 'The Artist'.
Could this be the solution for what you have in mind?


Essentially, all I want to do is find all of my mp3's that have a COMPOSERSORT tag in this format:

Fall, The
Grid, The
Tompson Twins, The
Beloved, The

I have a lot of mp3's that have the composer tag missing, but have still got the composersort tag intact, after a harddrive accident!

I just need to find these tags, copy them to the composer tag and reverse them.

The Fall
The Grid
The Tompson Twins
The Beloved

Many Thanks

Steve 45

This filter expression should display only those files with the tag-field COMPOSERSORT containing the string ', The' at end of the content string:


I'd been playing about with the same filter expression all afternoon! The only thing I was missing was the $ at the end! No wonder it wouldn't work! Many thanks!

Steve 45

Yes, the Filter operator MATCHES expects a regular expression as its argument.

See there a proposal from another user for converting 'Artist, The' to 'The Artist'.
Regular Expressions

Good luck with the repair!