Sorting folder by genre instead of file

Quite hard to explain this but here goes

Got a whole folder of todays date. Inside that folder are many other folders of each release..

I want to remove the whole of the trance collection and put it in a folder called trance same goes with RNB, DNB, Club, House etc...

Please see screenshot to get a better idea of what i mean.

I would like to find out which folder contain the trance tracks and then put those folders into another folder called 'TRANCE' so basically sort each folder by genre then move it to its own folder of that genre. If i load the WHOLE dir in mp3tag.. yes I can sort it by genre and have the option to copy but I want the option to copy the parent directory instead of the files themselves.

Do you know what i mean? Very hard to explain.


See the FAQs on how to create folder structures from tags: