Sorting Special Actions in Tag Panel


I think it would be better if Mp3tag put the special actions (like and ) at the top of the drop-down boxes when there are several options available.

For example, if there's files with different comments, like "???", "ROCK", "... hello?" and so on, they might end up on top of the special actions in the list, making them hard to find.

I'm all for alphabetical sorting of the contents, but these special commands should have a higher priority. This would make it easier to just scroll through the values with the mousewheel instead of having to open the list and read through the entries.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello? :unsure:


I can understand the motivation, but the problem is, that the effort to change the sorting is greater than the benefit of this change.



It can't be that hard :frowning:

Instead of populating the list and then sorting it, you could only add the found comments, then sort it, and then add the special actions at indexes 0 and 1.

I really don't think it's a lot of effort, and it would give Mp3tag a much more polished feel. Right now it's stuff like that that makes it seem not very... professional.

But hey, I won't stop using it just because of this. I just thought I'd contribute to the development :slight_smile:


I do support this suggestion.




seems like a good solution