Soundcloud Service down for mp3tag + other apps?

Hi all,

I need help trying to figure out why the soundcloud script >>FOUND HERE<< is not working (I've modified this one thanks to pones initial hard work to suit my needs). I don't think anything has changed on the site. Is it possible for the website to block this application from receiving info.

Attached below is a little test script for people to try out. I can't honestly put my finger on it. I've posted a reply to pone HERE asking for help. But I'm beginning to wonder if SC has stopped/blocked access seeing as the site is now https. Sorry if this might come across as a double post but I think this warrants a new post as soundcloud is a great resource for anyone and I personally would belost without a script for it.

Can anyone help me shed some light on the problem please. Thanks.

TEST SCRIPT: Soundcloud_v1.0_TEST_by_stevehero_Direct_by__WWW_URL_.src (846 Bytes)

Soundcloud_v1.0_TEST_by_stevehero_Direct_by__WWW_URL_.src (846 Bytes)

How I manually get soundcloud cover art is:

  1. Google the name, get the first link that is the soundcloud track.
  2. Using chrome, I can inspect the code and find the coverart's direct url.
  3. Using "save as" I can grab the cover art.

Is there any way the script can do this manually?

Artwork example:

I tried to get script to work but gave up.

I use Firefox.

Open artwork in soundcloud
Right click and view in new tab
Drag image from Firefox to artwork area