Splitting the directory using actions

Hi all,

I am just starting to use actions and have hit a bit of a roadblock. I want to split a directory into 2 parts and apply each part to a different field. The split is delimited by " - " in the file name.


file name would be "album bit here - title bit here.mp3"
So I want "album bit here" to become the album - "title bit here" to become the title.

This might not sound sensible but this is for a series of audiobooks and it does work for me. I can do this with a manual "file name to tag" and the following

%album% - %title%\%dummy%

but I can't see a wat to replicate this as an action step (or more likly 2 actions steps).

Anyone got any ideas?

You could try to use the action "Guess Values":


Source format:
Guessing pattern

Please be aware that this action will overwrite whatever you currently have inside ALBUM and TITLE.

Perfect... Works like a charm.

Now all I need is to get a auto renumber working ... apprently that is a know issue for actions :frowning: Looks like I have to do them one forlder at a time

The new Auto-Numbering Wizard was improved in the last Mp3tag version v3.19.
Maybe this can help you?

If you have questions about the GUI Auto-Numbering Wizard CTRL+K please create a new topic.

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