Strange tagged cover picture behavior

I’ve got a very strange problem attempting to add a cover picture to a newly generated WAV file.

Apologies in advance if I’m beating a dead horse here, but this used to work fine in the past. It’s been a while since I’ve tagged WAV’s, so perhaps something has changed the way this works with the current mp3tag version, or I need to adjust options that may have been modified as a result?

Here’s the steps I’ve taken so far:

  • When I add the cover pic (a JPG) mp3tag accepts it along with all of the text fields, and saving the tags completes successfully.

  • Following that, the wrong picture is displayed using two different media players (Winamp, VLC), and I’ve no idea where it’s being sourced from.

  • When I reload the file into mp3tag, the correct cover pic still displays.

  • I then imported the WAV into Audacity, and exported it as an MP3. When that file is opened by the same players, the correct cover pic is displayed.

I’ve read other posts and tried various suggestions within them (clearing various picture cache locations, disabling APE, just to name a couple), but the problem persists.

At this point I’m drawing a blank, and it’s driving me insane. Any ideas where I may be going wrong here would be much appreciated!

Those players (probably) don’t use embedded images with wav files. There are also only a few other tags they may read, but certainly not all. Perhaps they are pulling these images from either the same or similar folder, or one higher up in the folder hierarchy? Or seeking an online source?

At least this is the way to deal with VLC


Per your suggestion, I tried copying the original untagged WAV file and cover pic to a temporary folder and once again cover pic-tagged it. Following that, no pic is displayed in the players at all. Yet, when I load it back into mp3tag the correct pic still remains.

I’d love to prevent mp3tag from looking at any online databases, to ensure the cover pic can only be sourced from my local hdisk. I know that “freedb” is enabled as a tag source by default, but “freedb (Local)” is grayed out so I can’t click it, nor use the hotkey combo Ctrl+L to select it.

You would think that these players must be capable of displaying images embedded in WAV files, the issue is just that it’s the wrong one and I’ve no idea where it’s being sourced from.


As I mentioned in my OP, the issue is not confined to VLC... It also occurs in Winamp and other players.

Just FYI, prior to posting here I had already tried clearing the VLC cache directory you specified for the heck of it, as it’s given me problems in the past. That had no effect on the issue whatsoever, even playing a newly tagged WAV for the first time.

So: MP3tag is the only program that behaves as you expected?
Could it be that the players cannot properly deal with wav files?
Have you taken care of hidden files in the folders like cover.jpg or folder.jpg?
All these look to me like player problem IMHO - wouldn'nt it then be best to ask the player's support why the players don't work the way as you expect?

  1. No. For one, Audacity is able to export the WAV with the correct image.
  2. The players can obviously deal with images in WAV files on some level, since one is indeed being displayed. The issue is, it’s not the right one.
  3. I’ve tried cache flushes on all of them, including searching for the files you’ve pointed out, which do not exist. I’m on an Administrator account, and there are no hidden files or folders on my PC.

Well, at this point I’m hanging it up. I can’t think of a reason to continue pursuing this issue as it’s happening on every player I’ve tried, all very popular programs. At least everything works properly when the WAV is first converted to an MP3.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway guys!

I don't know what this has to do with each other.
To see hidden files you need to set the corresponding option in the Windows Explorer.
Alternatively, you could open a command shell and issue the command
del /ah folder.jpg
In the folder of the files that do not show the correct cover.

This is because mp3tag has done its’ job. It is the players that are not reading the embedded tag. As I said, many cannot read this information from wav files. Try FLAC or ALAC formats as they offer lossless packaging with the ability to tag properly.

MP3tag does not access any web source without you telling MP3tag to do so, explicitly time and time again. In the process you see a selection dialogue to narrow down the search results and a further dialuge to align the files with the titles. If that has never happened, the MP3tag has not accessed a web source.
Freedb, BTW, has never supplied any images, AFAIK.
But I think that VLC has a setting for that somewhere. But this would then be down to the support of that player and no MP3tag affair.

As ohrenkino wrote in:

Every time you call a websource script, you have the choice if you want a cover at all and where you want it to save: 1) embedded into the tag or 2) as external image file
If you deselect this two options, you will not get any cover at all - even if you use a websource for your other metadata.