String to Reverse Sort Order Tag

I would like all of my artists to be sorted and listed by first then last name and need to be able to batch it as I have a lot of files. What is the string that would change "Jackson, Michael" to Michael Jackson" in the Sort Order tag? Thanks in advance!!

This only works for strings that have a single comma in it. And it does not know whether the replacing is sensible or not.
E.g. "Peter, Paul and Mary" would become "Paul and Mary Peter" (also refer to Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Earth, Wind and Fire ... I don't want to think about "Dave Dee, Dozy, Bicky, Mick and Titch")
Create an action of the type replace with regular expression for the field ???sortorder (should be artistsortorder or bandsortorder):
Search for:
(.*), (.*)
Enter as replace string:
$2 $1

Maybe the correct naming of David Harman's pop music band is:
"Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich".

See the RegExp proposal there:
Regular Expressions