Strip all tags except the main ones...

I'd like to clean up my MP3s by removing all tags except the ones I need (Artist, Album Artist (Band), Title, Year, Genre, Track #). What is the best way to handle this?

First create a new action group and name it "Strip tags" or something like that.

Create a new action Remove fields except inside the action group and enter artist;album artist;genre;title;track;year
Just apply this action to your files to remove all unwanted fields.

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~ Florian

Thank you!

Is this process going to strip all TYPES of tags (APE, LAME, etc.) or just ID3x?
I have some files that were run through MP3Gain and I wanted to be sure that the info it sets was stripped as well.

It removes the types that are selected in Options > Tags > Mpeg > Remove

This program gets better and better the more I learn about it.

But it is true, that Mp3tag only removes "supported" tags? It doesn't removes tags like TXXX?
Or do I misunderstand this topic: /t/775/1

Can I remove all (but really ALL, including the non-standard) unwanted tags with one action for all marked mp3?

Mp3tag does not support removing unkown ID3v2 frames with this action.
But the TXXX frame is supported.

Unknow frames can be removed when the whole ID3v2 tag is deleted and then rewritten (with "Undo").

I could have started a new thread but basically this is what I want to do.

How exactly would I do this? I want to keep the main tags (album, artist, track, track nr.)

Any way to do this in one action?. I have noticed a lot LYRICS3 tags and other tags i have no use for after running "Remove fields except"

Not yet, it's on my internal wish list.

Any progress?