Strip Specific last character of a Tag File

Good day.

How do I get my Mp3Tag to strip a certain character of a field?

I rename most of my music filenames by>> %artist% - %Album% - %Title%

But at times my "Artist field" is a bit messed up it might have sum unwanted spaces in it


"Elvis Presly     "

As you see it has 5 spaces! and if I were to rename the file feature i would get something like
"Elvis Presly - %album% - %title%.mp3

I would like Mp3Tag to realize that if the last character is a Space (in every field, Artist, Album, Title ect..) to remove/strip the space character out of the tag!

Thanks in advance!

Hi, have a look at the FAQ:

ok i still dont get it :slight_smile:[size="4"][/size]

I made a video
Hope it helps.

Hey Great Video!... (stupid)Question though.. ( I havent added the code as yet, I dont have my media Server with me @ a friends house at the moment)

But will it work for only ONE space character also... I'm guessing it does.

But just to verify!

Thanks alot for helping out people like me who know nothing!

happy New years!

Oh no, that's not quite right - you already know how to write colorful big letters!