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Hello, mp3tag developers & administration!

I really enjoy mp3tag, feels like it was strictly made for audiophiles, or otherwise, for people whom got a lot of love towards music.
mp3tag is accurate, clean, simple and most importantly, it's FREE! Hope, I don't sound pathetic, I just want to thank the developers for this colossal treasure we got!

Kind Request:
This program does a tremendous job, saves a lot of time, and shows exactly what's a good quality product should really look like! It surely serves as a paradigm for a newer programs and/or for another similar softwares. I'm so delighted that I've found this program!
I won't even have to clarify the details, though, everybody knows in this forum, why we use
mp3tag, and if there's something that we think it might be useful for the software and its users, we kindly share it.

So, I wanted to feedback the developers about a little update (that I believe is at least worth of reading).
I'm a bit of a "man of my own" type of person when it comes to music, a bit pedant, little this and little that..
Anyways, I'm a daily scrobbler, and I'm trying to avoid any confusion between music genres. I wish mp3tag had this "subgenre" box option right down below of - "genre" section. The problem is, I want to sort it out what kind of "specifical" genres I'm listening monthly, weekly, or just most of the time in average, and to figure this out, I need this option to be added in mp3tag, if that's not a big of a deal. I also noticed some updates on adding some genres. There's now "experimental" music scene has been officially added, which wasn't before, (as I remember). And speaking about that, I'd thoroughly like to write an example in a row; So, let's say, I'm listening to some Metal, but I need to specify the actual type of metal music I'm listening to, and I know it has some subgenres already, so to speak, like, "Death Metal", "Black Metal", and maybe some more, but what about making a whole new box-setting for the actual music scene? I'm talking how about to separate Genre option from Subgenre? It could've been more practically easy and compact to use. In that particular case, I'd use Genre box as a main genre descriptor and write "Metal" in Genre box, and as for a subgenre, I'd write "Noise Metal", "Pagan Metal", "Ocean Metal", "Industrial Metal", "Ska Metal" and such; in the Subgenre box. It could be done without any separation, as well, but if we dissect those two, it could turn more handy, as I already explained above.
I hope everything I said makes a little sense, and wish it to be as useful as I believe it could possibly be.
Thanks in advance! - And again, if there's an any legitimately possible chance for this upgrade, please, make it so!

Sincerely, Moozy Mathers.

I would think that the underlying problem is that of compatibility.
AFAIK there is no standard field for "subgenre".
See the list of supported fields in
And AFAIK a list defined by the ID3 standard only exists for the native genre field.

So you can most certainly add a field in the tag panel to enter data for that what you consider a "subgenre". There is no guarantee that the target player can cope with it.

Does this option not partially already exist? If you are using Discogs to verify/add tags ...they have a Genre and a Style field could you not simply use the style as the subgenre by say format value only seems to work with the attached .src file as Pones script puts the genre and style together...but it does give you an option to do something similar to what you are suggesting.

Discogs.src (5.26 KB)

Not so long ago there was another discussion about the GENRE tag field and its per-defined values, that also went beyond that tag field: /t/18135/1

That thread will give you a thoroughly insight into what can and cannot be done with Mp3tag

And another: /t/19389/1