Suggestion - Add ifgreater and ifless functions to WSS

@Florian, as the title suggests.

ifgreater and ifless fns would be useful.

On beatports pages any 2021 release and probably onwards have 500 - 8192px images.

You can derive any size if you replace 500x500 with 1500x1500 and so on.

So I was wanting to check for a value greater than 2020 to get this added to the scripts.

Here's a 2021 release at 2000x2000px:

Can you try with this internal build? My tests are green, it should be working:

If it turns out fine and is helpful, I'll add it to the next dev build.

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Yes, this is brilliant and would love if this could be implemented in the next dev build.

It's the only way I can future proof my script without doing lots of if's.

I doubt Beatport will be going through their back catalogue to uprez those artworks.

This would be a very helpful function.
I would be glad to use this in my scripts. :blush: :grin:

This is now available with Mp3tag v3.05c.

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