Suggestion for Genres

Is it possible to have an option to view only genres of selected tracks in the tag panel Genre List? No standard genres showing, no custom genres showing, just whatever genres exist in the selected tracks.

This would make it easy to see exactly which genres you have, similar to the way you can with all the other lists in the tag panel.

Also a way to add the genres of selected tracks to the custom list would be really useful too.


I like this, and I thought about it a couple of times myself. I'd like it if the behavior of the Genres list was the same as the other ones.

OK then how about having Genre available as an selectable item when adding fields to the Tag Panel?

Would that work to enable the viewing of all existing genres in selected files? This would really help those of us who have many custom genres.


I just figured out how to do this!

Edit usrfields.ini file in the application data folder and add the genre field e.g.


You can't add it through the options menu for whatever reason. This solves one of the biggest issues I've had with Mp3tag and it was so easy! :smiley:

Now that is a valuable finding for some of us—thanks for sharing!

Seems good ole Mp3tag still has some nice surprises built-in! :slight_smile: