SUGGESTION: Make possible to use FILENAME as a "tag' field in the Tag Panel

This comes out from me pointing out the obvious aspect in this discussion:

I see no reason whey the users should be allowed to edit _FILENAME in the Tag Panel. _FILENAME_EXT- now that would be a different story, because changing file formats in Mp3tag would mess up the usage of the files. But a mere _FILENAME? All bad that can happen is this: the user gets the pop up windows informing that for example

File "C:\Music\Hans Zimmer\Inception Opening Titles.mp3" cannot be renamed to ``File "C:\Music\Hans Zimmer\Opening Titles.mp3".
Cannot create a file when that file already exists.

And such pop ups are already appearing- the mechanism for them is already built in Mp3tag

the plain fact is: _FILENAME is no tag field but a file property.
an underlying systematic is: none of the information fields starting with an underscore can be modified/added in/to the tag panel.
And no, I don't have the same filename in different folders as there are numerous devices out there that do not support folder structures to create unique filenames so they have to be unique without being a fully qualified filename.

Good ideas

But I myself still think, that _FILENAME should be editable within Tag Panel [SUGGESTION: Make possible to use FILENAME as a "tag' field in the Tag Panel]

It still does not make sense to assign the same filename to several files - even if they are in different folders.
But AFAIK a fair number of users treat files that are located in the same folder. And there it does not make any sense at all to assign the same filename to all files. You get nothing but error messages in that case.

User can write an action that will change different FILENAMEs to one and the same, given proper conditions - and as a result get pop-up windows with errors

If the user does not know how to prevent that or does not know how to digest such pop-ups, then such user should not write any actions; IMHO. The same goes for any other data / features / settings within Mp3tag

I think we are getting into a discussion about your old suggestion. This is a different one: it is about read-only fields to be displayed in the tag panel. Your suggestion is about the modification of an OS property
If you want to discuss your original suggestion, then please do it in your thread.

Using an action is very different than having a single field in the tag panel. This would apply to all selected files and potentially end up with conflicts.

I actually have a group action that constantly gives me pop-ups about problem of repetition - because it cleans my FILENAMEs according to my rules and I use it often on multiple selected files [which sometimes results with an attempted doubled FILENAME in one folder]. But this is always my fault and I know what to do: just ignore this and let the action continue to execute itself on the rest of selected files- and them investigate manually why I was just supposed to have too exact same FILENAMEs in one folder [which for me is a clear sign of some excess file or error in naming]

Thus if I were to use Tag Panel for renaming my files, I see no difference of having to predict of what might happen and / or how to counter such errors when they do actually occur

And if really most users are supposedly not intelligent enough to be given such "dangerous" tool, then it could get blocked [i.e. the FILENAME field in Tag Panel] every time when more than one file is selected

I've moved all your posts on the OT from Allow uneditable fields to the Tag Panel back to this topic.

Please stop diverging other topics with your suggestions. It's not helpful and degrades the overall quality of the topics in this community.

And to address your suggestion: it's not planned to allow editing the filename (or folderpath) via the Tag Panel.

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