Suggestion: Remove x number of characters from a field

Remove a certain amount of characters from the beginning or end of a selected field.

If say I had some tracks which had the titles:

Track One-01-Album
Track Two-02-Album
Track Three-03-Album

Now as you can see for some reason the titles also contain the track number and album after each title name.

So I want to delete 9 characters from the end of the Title field.

This would leave:

Track One
Track Two
Track Three

Perfect! :smiley:

So you set how many characters to delete (ie. 5, 7, 9), you set whether the characters to be deleted are at the start or at the end of the field (ie. end in the above example), and then you select which field it is to be deleted from (ie. Title, Album).

I hope this makes sense, I am not great at explaining things.
Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

You can do this with Mp3tag actions:

Action type: Replace with regular expressions
Field: TITLE
Regular expression: .{9}$
Replace matches with:

[ ] case-sensitive comparison

Wow, thanks for the quick response - that's awesome.
Should save me some time, I need to learn how to use these "regular expressions".

Thanks again for a great reply - man I love this program :music: