Suggestions for enhancements

Thanks so much for a great tool. Some suggestions - correct me if these can be done easily already.

  1. Speed of importing large (5000+) sets of MP3's

    a. Allow ability to stop import process and contine from last point scanned.

  2. Warnings when down arrowing (thanks fancy mouse) that start new scans from scan history.

    This is really frustrating when I scan in 5000 files and then accidently mouse down loosing it all and have to wait 20 minutes to restore.

  3. Ability to scan two different drives as one master list. i.e. Drives C and D together. Folder specific is usually good unless your collection spans multiple drives

  4. Smart case conversion - Values after a "." should be capped. So that way we don't get C.C.R. -> C.c.r.

Thanks again for a great tool - look forward to seeing continual updates.

  1. You can add directories by pressing [CTRL+H] or by selecting the appropriate button from the toolbar.

  2. Not sure what you mean here. You can always create an action which uppercases the first letter after a dot. Check out this example and modify it to suit your needs.

You can also simply use a standard Case conversion action and enter the dot at Words begin from/after any of.

Best regards,
~ Florian

I agree to that suggestion. It happend to me quite often the last days. I prefer that the mouse wheel scrolls only that area where it is on top of (mostly the table on the right) and not the activated (e.g. the folder selection).

The thing you describe about the mouse wheel scrolling the focused input element depends on the drivers. My old TCM optical mouse done exactly what you suggest, while my current FujitsuSiemens mouse scrolls the focused area.

Thank you...
3. - I mean to say add multiple directories/drives. As far as I know, you cannot add drives, D and E together into the same list - correct me if I am wrong.

  1. Thank you. I figured it could be done by an action and this is great. But what I really meant to say was the DEFAULT case conversion should be enhanced to take into account for "." issue.

On 2. looks like other people are having the same issue.
and on 1. looks like this might be the DB issue that isn't going to happen, I was hoping for some sort of pause and continue at least. May be dreaming.

Regardless - this software is the best!!!

Why don't people do what you tell them to do? :rolleyes:

You can add directories and drives to an existing list by pressing [CTRL+H].

I tried it on my laptop with only one drive - didn't see the abilty since I had scanned the entire drive. Thanks a ton. And the labeling and everything couldn't be easier to understand... duh... This is great!

I think I know why I didn't suspect that would work, because there is only one line on folder tab (last) and I couldn't add two directories at the same time. So now I have a new request -

  1. Would it be possible to show the entire folder list of folders currently scanned. (Not a tree view, just a list).