support for iTunes sorting tags?



Mp3tag currently does not support reading/writing of the sorting tags introduced in iTunes 7.1 (sort artist, sort album artist, etc.). For MP4 tags, it deletes any sort tags whenever the tag is updated. Is there any plan to support these tags in upcoming of builds of Mp3tag?


I really would like to know the answer to this. Having just upgraded to version 7.3 of iTunes (which I now regret because the change of the sort rules has screwed up my library). I now really need to edit the Sort Album and Sort Artist fields. Can this be done with the latest version of MP3TAG - if not will it be possible in the future?


Any chance of a response to this? :unsure:
Is it going to be possible to edit the sort tags or have the control freaks at Apple put some kind of copyright on it. :angry:


It will be supported.