In relation to this tag Florian, could you also add support for ITUNESALBUMADVISORY
as well? this is linked to the iTunes/Apple Music API under collectionExplicitness

Is it also stored in the tags of the file or only available via Apple Music metadata? If it's in the tags, I'd need to know the atom id (or get my hands on an example file).

Error. I use the track specific, ITUNESADVISORY,
without problems.

Thanks for the list. Is the field listed anywhere in there?

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i don't believe it actually is a thing, Apple flags an album explicit if at least one track is so, this has the complete list of fields iTunes uses, it would be fantastic if they were added in next updates.

Most of the fields are actually already supported. Have you checked Mp3tag Help — Tag field mappings, especially the list of fields exclusive to MP4?

Anything specific that's missing for you?

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since im using the Apple Music web source which has some additional fields, Artist ID (atID), Composer ID (cmID), Genre ID (geID), Album ID (plID) and iTunes Country Code (sfID)

Edit: also found ISRC is xid

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I've added support for those fields with Mp3tag v3.06b.

Is xid used for the verbatim ISRC or with a prefix and scheme as specified in the iTunes LP Specification quoted below?

XID Structure

An XID is a string composed of three colon-delimited segments:

  1. A prefix specific to the content provider. Content providers who provide content to the iTunes Store each have a specific prefix assigned for use in this manner. All XIDs identifying content from a given content provider should use the same prefix. If you are testing iTunes LP prior to submitting it to the iTunes Store, and you have not yet finalized the identifiers for your content, you may wish to temporarily use the reserved prefix TEST, and combine it with the uuid scheme, described below. When IDs for the content are finalized, you should replace the TEST XIDs with XIDs using a true provider name as a prefix and an XID scheme based on one of the other schemes.
  2. A scheme specifying the type of identifier being used. Supported schemes are described below, with examples of each.
  3. An identifier conforming to the scheme.

The following are currently-supported XID schemes:

  • upc - For content identified with a UPC code.
    Example: buenavista:upc:760894712785
  • isrc - International Standard Recording Code for sound recordings and music videos.
    Example: SonyBMG:isrc:USSM19922509
  • isan - International Standard Audiovisual Number for video content.
    Example: Paramount:isan:0000-0000-6601-0000-4-0000-0000-P
  • grid - Global Release Identifier standard developed by the recording industry.
    Example: Warner:grid:A10302B0000978370N
  • uuid - Universally Unique Identifier (RFC 4122); this is the best choice for temporary use while testing iTunes LP. UUIDs can easily be created on demand; for example, by the uuidgen command-line tool on Mac OS X.
    Example: TEST:uuid:6F092637-666F-49F6-9F77-978627D50B5A
  • vendor_id - A content provider’s custom identifier for a piece of content not identified by any of the standards above.
    Example: sonypicturesentertainment:vendor_id:DA_VINCI_CODE_EC_2006

It's the XID structure with prefix, scheme, and identifier. With ISRC only, the mapping would have been quite straightforward.


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