swapping items within a field

I read :book: the article under the heading "Moving and swapping items in title" as posted by member Guttersnipe.
I'm looking for a similar thing which moves the first half of a title to the end.
I've looked at regular expressions, but am at a loss to know :flushed: if any of the examples are of use for what I want.
An example of what I want to achieve is:
"The Little Mermaid: Poor Unfortunate Souls" to read "Poor Unfortunate Souls (from The Little Mermaid".
If anybody can help the I'd be most grateful.
Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Action "Format value" Tag-Field ..: TEST ... or ... Tag-Field ..: TITLE Formatstring: $regexp(%TITLE%,'^(.+?): (.+?)$','$2 (from $1)') ... or ... Formatstring: $cutLeft(%TITLE%,$add($strstr(%TITLE%,': '),1))' (from '$left(%TITLE%,$sub($strstr(%TITLE%,': '),1))')'


Thank you very much DetlevD, both worked a treat. Again, many thanks,