Switching first and last names in fields with multiple artists/soloists

Hi, I cannot find any existing thread for the following situation:

I would like to switch first and last names of the soloists in my classical music collection. For albums with only one soloist this no problem, I am using the following action:

Action: Format Value
Field: Soloist
String: $regexp(%soloist%,(.) (.),$2',' $1)

However, if I am using this for album with multiple soloists in the soloist field like "Rolando Villazon\\Anna Netrebko\\Bryn Terfel" this doesn't work. Only the first name is kept after executing the action, the others are deleted.

How can I switch first and last name in multiple soloists fields?

What about this one: /t/14169/1

Find something useful there ...
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Try this ...

From: SOLOIST = 'Rolando Villazon\\Anna Netrebko\\Bryn Terfel'
To : TEST = 'Villazon, Rolando\\Netrebko, Anna\\Terfel, Bryn'

TEST <== $trimRight($regexp($meta_sep(SOLOIST,';')';','(.+?) (.+?);','$2, $1\\\\'),'\')


Awesome! It worked out perfectly!! Thank you!!!