Sync only the title tags with Discogs?


I'm trying to sync all my track's title tags (and filenames) with Discogs. The problem is that a bunch of other tags are synced as well. Since I don't what those, this means I have to remove them manually. This can be quite cumbersome and mistakes are easily made...

So is it possible with Mp3tag, or with any other tool to sync only the title tags? More generally, is it possible to select which tags you want to sync?

Yes, with my script it's possible:

Do the installation as described in the starting post there.
At step 6, do the following:

  • set DISCOGS_TITLE to title (leave it as it is)
  • set all DISCOGS_... fields to no

You can't write filenames with Mp3tag's web sources. You have to do that with the Converter or a Format Value: _FILENAME action in a second step.

Thanks for response.. I tried your script and it works perfectly!
BTW, can you explain again what exactly happens with the 'update' action? Does this update the script to the latest version?

I use your script in combination with something I found here. This is because I like the smart case style better than the mixed case style of Discogs. I also added a few replace commands (e.g. " / " becomes "/") in the action group. Lastly, I use tag-filename conversion to properly convert the tags to filename (e.g. "/" becomes ", ").

What I notice is that if you want the tags to be (close to) perfect you have to do most things manually. This especially concerns finding the release you want to use and the correct label, EAN and Register ID. It also applies to finding the right composers. I find myself going through several sources like Allmusic, Wikipedia and Discogs to make sure I get it right.
I guess it will always stay this way :rolleyes:

When you download my script, it consits of two parts: the export & action script files (mta & mte) and the Discogs Pone Web Script Settings.mp3 file.

When you update the script, you have to overwrite the old mta & mte files with the new ones, but you have to keep you old Discogs Pone Web Script Settings.mp3 file and delete the new one.

When I make a new update, sometimes I change some things in the Discogs Pone Web Script Settings.mp3 file (new options, new fields). This is done with the Discogs Pone>Update Settings Mp3 File action.

The new web sources scripts (src files) are created with the Discogs Pone>Create Scripts action. But only if you draged the mte & mta files from the lastest update in the correct folder, and if you updated the setting file with the action before.
(Acctually, the Discogs Pone>Update Settings Mp3 File action is not necessary at every update, and never for the first installation, but to avoid confuseness, I just included it as a regualar step in the instruction).

Tagging close to perfection is difficult, almost impossible. When it comes to composer, or the involved musicians, there is no database which has it all. Even the CD booklets don't hold that information in all cases.