Synchronised Lyrics Tag (id3v2.3 SYLT)


Hey Florian, will there be any chance of future versions of MP3TAG (even development builds) with the ability to read/write the SYLT tag, for synchronised lyrics?
Mass import from txt file?


Win10 computer app that displays ID3 Lyrics
Can't save LYRICS metadata field into ALAC(m4a) files

At the moment I have no plans in adding support for the SYLT frame. Do you know a player that supports it?

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Minilyrics ( is a new programs that helps create these tags. This little application supports the following players:

Windows Media Player
Apple iTunes
Quintessential Player
Musicmatch Jukebox
The KMPlayer
Yahoo! Music Engine
J. River Media Center
J. River Media Jukebox


I use a Foobar plugin that saves the synced lyrics to the tag. I then store my unsynced lyrics in the tag. I can use MP3TAG to copy the synced lyrics from the flac file to the ogg version.


Florian, plz, add support of SYLT. Minilyrics can add synced lyrics in id3v2, but mp3tag can't edit and even read it(( But with Minilyrics i can see synced lyrics with any player, so SYLT is useful tag.


I'd love to see this too, but after these things... :smiley:



Just want to remind about this feature. I still wait for it :huh:
Even if this will be a simpe editor with text and time columns!


I join the other SYLT fans (TheChipstar, Feldon, ilrandir, Windjammer, ...) in their plea.

To put it otherwise, all major players are supported!
Minilyrics is actually a plugin for all those players. I tested it with winamp and it works great.


In case this is still relevant, and a simple editor is all you need... I made a SYLT frame editor. It is freeware, totally unrelated to Mp3tag, and does nothing else besides editing SYLT frames. You will still need Mp3tag (or equivalent) to edit any other data in the ID3 tag.


I am pretty surprised SYLT is still not supported :astonished:
I's just a multiline text field after all.

I would hope to be able to mass-import from associated .lrc files as well.


Would be a nice and useful feature!
Any news for this issue?


I joined specifically to add my plea for SYLT support.





It is quite easy to add your own ID3 frame to any song... well if you know how to program :stuck_out_tongue:

ID3 tags are just pieces of information written to either the beginning or end of the file (depending on the version)

If you know a thing or two about programming then this will help:

The project should have some built capabilities, but I am not sure if it supports creating new tags on the fly.

Hope this helps!


It would double the work, if you have to decide which tags you manage with which program. Therefore this feature should be included in the "one-and-only" Mp3tag :wink:


I would like the feature, too



+1 ... pretty please, Florian? :slight_smile:

There's a second donation in it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!


MiniLyrics is a great plugin for all most popular audio players: foobar2000, MusicBee, Winamp, MediaMonkey etc.

MiniLyrics adds synced lyrics into ID3v2 SYLT tag.

Please add support for ID3v2 SYLT tag into Mp3tag.

Thank you.


Yes, Mp3tag SYLT support would be awesome, +1.