Tag based on folder information

I've just converted a whole bunch of live music shows to flac from shn. I would like to tag them based on information in the containing folder names.

example folder name: gd77-05-07.sbd.Boston.Garden.flac16

I would like to tag the files with the date and venue extracted from this info, is this possible with mp3tag?


Maybe you can say a little more about the folder names, what parts are consistent or how can venue and date be recognized.

Well I've changed the folder names a bit I've removed any "." in venue names so "Boston.Garden" is now "Boston Garden"

Before the first "." is the date "gd77-05-07" (the gd stands for grateful dead) after the first "." is the source "sbd" after the second "." is the venue "Boston Garden"

Here are a few examples

gd71-08-06.aud.Hollywood Palladium.flac16
gd71-08-21.aud.Mickeys Barn.flac16
gd77-05-07.sbd.Boston Garden.flac16
gd77-10-07.sbd.U of New Mexico.flac16

I have about 250 shows in this format, I have used mp3tag to mass add artist and year tags, but date and venue as album titles looks to be a very tedious cut and paste project.

If you removed the dots from the venue it is rather simple:

Make a new action

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %_directory%
Guessing pattern: %date%.%dummy%.%venue%.%dummy%

Or Convert > filename - tag
Format string: %date%.%dummy%.%venue%.%dummy%\%dummy%

Cool, I'll give it a try.


With a little experimenting and a couple replace functions I was able to tag them all with date and venue as album title. IE "77-05-07 Boston Garden" Mp3tag is a truly powerful tool.

Thanks again :music:

Found this by search .

I've folders named XXXX - Album , where XXXX is the year .

Is it possible to extract just the year to go into the tag field ?

%year% - %dummy% using the guess vales function

If you address the folder, then you would have to expand

a little to
%year% - %dummy%%dummy%
if you use Converter>Filename-Tag

or in case of

You need %_directory% as source. Then the format string would be as you said:

Also, this problem has been handled in the FAQs.

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