Tag format for Verizon VX8300

Nice site and Nice product.

I have many files without proper tag info and would like to play that on my phone.
I have renamed files according to groups like file name starts with a.. b.. c.. d.. hoping that I can select which groups of files I want to play.
I just downloaded new version 2.37a and try to conver tag info - I had to use (Action, Conver Value) in order replace tags - I changed Title, Artist, Ablum - Gene hoping that it would accomplish what I want - but phone is not displaying correct info - still my files are not grouped or sorted the way I want.

are there any other tags that I need to change - basically what I want is files stored and sort in the file name format - which I have already renamed.

What am I missing.

Thank you.


Maybe this post helps to resolve the problems.

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