Tag from (not working)

hi there. im using the latest version, 2.39. i have been using mp3tag for a while now, and i love it. i have been using it on windows Xp with no problems. I just bought a new computer, and put vista on it. now, some features don't work.

when i want to tag my mp3s, and i dont have all the info available, i usually hit the option button, and drop down and select "discogs" as the source. for some reason, no matter how i input the data (search by title, or artist), each time i select discogs, i always get an error saying, "search returned no results" or something close to that.

so to put it simply, tagging from discogs, under vista, for me doesnt work. however, amazon.com and amazon.de, and freedb do work.

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance for the help.



thank you very much