Tag (ID3) Type/Version displayable in left-panel?

I have Tag Type (ID3 version) displayed in the File List
However I wish it was also displayable in the Left-Panel

I tried a few experiments e.g. "_TAG" but no luck
Is there a way to achieve this?
If not, I'd like to request it as a feature.
If a file unintentionally has a different tag-type to my intention (e.g. if a file been received with or somehow accidentally ended up with the "wrong" type of tag) then I won't be expecting it hence won't be looking for it hence unlikely to scroll-right to see it (I realise that File-List columns can be rearranged, but the tag-type info would be more obvious in the Left-Pane)

A similar idea has been discussed for the Windows version:

and also, there was an explanation why you couldn't add such a field.

I have moved this column to the very left of my view window for this exact reason, and puts this info right next to the tag panel (if you have it on the left). Generally I just uncheck it from the Visibility unless I am looking at this detail. Same with a few other fields like Path, Replay Gain info, and even the Sort fields.

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You can even reduce the contents that are displayed to a minimum, e.g.,


Thank you MotleyG, that worked well.

Thank you Florian, that works fine!

Changes made in Mp3Tag-macOS:[Preferences > File List]
(which - for anyone confused - has a slightly different appearance/arrangement in the macOS version)


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