Tag source always presents blank tracks


In Tag Sources, after selecting Amazon.com, and either accepting the default 'search by: album' prompt, or entering my own, basically the adjust tag information pops up with the existing file names, but with blank track listings. This has been going on for days, with all the files/albums I've tested. I thought maybe it was just some sort of server issue, but I'm starting to doubt it. The only thing that changed from my end since this feature stopped working right, was the update to IE9, and installing SP1 for W7.

I should note that I know it's connecting because at times, it actually prompts to select the right album through the 'List of search results...' prompt, so after I select the appropriate (or all, one at a time) album, it always returns with blank values.

Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.


You could try the update to this version:


^^ Yup, that fixed it! Thank you! And for the record, I tired the exact same steps before updating and the problem was there, but after the update, it works - as the screenshot below demonstrates. Thanks again! :smiley: