Tag source enhancement


I have a lot of MP3 to tag, and it's kind of annoying to select everytime "Discogs" after clicking on "tag source".
Is it possible to set a default tag source (in my case Discogs), and be able to fetch the tags with a simple combination on the keyboard (for example CTRL + T)? The CTRL+T would do the same as selecting "Discogs" in the list.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think that MP3tag already remembers the last web source that you used: just click on the web source button in the toolbar.

Actually, this button doesn't ask me the title, and take into account the folder name, and every time I get a "401: UNAUTHORIZED" error.

There are 2 buttons: one that is just a button and says something like "discogs (quick)" and another one with a dropdown list button next to it. If I click on the icon button (not the arrow), the I get called the last web source in all its beauty including the query dialogue for further parameters.

Find something useful there ...
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Yes, I already saw that, but my problem was not the 401 error, it was that I couldn't precise the name I wanted.
But my problem was solved thanks to ohrenkino's last reply :slight_smile:
Thanks to you, ohrenkino!