Tag Sources no longer work

My favourite application stopped working yesterday :frowning: Whether I try Musicbrainz or Discogs, I only get the album art but no more tracks. Also, the PUBLISHER field is always returning an error.

Using v2.8 on a brand new system, used an earlier version before. A reinstall of the application did not make any difference. OS: W7 Ultimate x64.

What I get:

Does anyone have a clue what's going on?

PS. Sorry but I can't get the img-tag to take a resize.

  1. Download the latest beta from here (it fixes discogs)

  2. Also download the latest Musicbrainz script from here

I didn't change to the beta because I always use MusicBrainz anyway. Changing the script made it work perfectly again in v2.8. Thanks a lot! Out of curiosity: what happened actually? A bug in 2.8 or only on certain systems?

I also use MusicBrainz, and I can't manage to get it to work on either my OSX machine or W7 machine. I downloaded the latest build (beta) and used the script in the link on both machines, and I'm still getting the error.

In which folder did you put it?

Here are some more detailed instructions:

Hi Dano,

Here are screenshots from both of my computers:



EDIT: OK, I found another folder for sources and the issue has been resolved. Thank you!