Tag Swapping

Assuming I am not blind or stupid or both (highly possible :slight_smile:, the ability to swap tags would be a very handy feature. I used it alot in a previous application till I moved over to the most awesome MP3tag.

Swapping tags such as
ā€¢ Title <-> Artist
ā€¢ Artist <-> Album
ā€¢ Title <-> Album

etc etc ...

You can swap tags via the Converters in 2 steps or with an action
i think what you discoverd Rijkstra is a bug, but we have to see what Florian has to say about it

Yes, when the 2 tags aren't already present in the filename, you must rename the file. So maybe it's even 3 steps :wink:

Florian will not be back until September 2nd, he also entered it in the board calendar.

You can create an action Format value for all three cases, using the field TEMP as temporary storage for the first tag field.

Best regards,
~ Florian

Hello everyone, i'm trying to do something similar to baChoMp's first post on this thread, i think, in that i want to create a new tag based on combining the artist and title fields into one tag. This is so that it's easily filed on my iPod, instead of bloating the Artist listing field (i listen to lots of dj mixes you see, so nearly every cd is a compilation with a different artist for each track...). Here's exactly what i mean:
ARTIST- Lawn Chair Generals, TITLE- U Dirty EP (Wanderlust), ALBUM-Destination Australia 001 - CD 1 by Hipp-E

ARTIST- Hipp-E, TITLE- Lawn Chair Generals - U Dirty EP (Wanderlust), ALBUM-Destination Australia 001 - CD 1 by Hipp-E

I can easily enter in the new Artist info because that'll stay constant for the whole cd, but i need to preserve the old artist and title info into just one tag - any suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance, and great program Mr. Florian :wink:

Haven't you tried an Action with "Format value" ?
you just need to format the TITLE field with %artist% - %title%

thanks dano, i did that last night and it worked just fine. Thanks again, mate.
Tom e

Hi all,

I'm trying to do swap the Artist and Title tags using Format Values and can't get it to work, I'm using an action of:

Format value "TITLE": %TEMP%
Format value "TITLE": %ARTIST%
Format value "ARTIST": %TEMP%

Could someone show me what I'm doing wrong?



This thread is one year old, but anyways...

Field is the target field, so you'd have to do:

Field: TEMP
Formatstring: %ARTIST%

Formatstring: %TITLE%

Field: TITLE
Formatstring: %TEMP%

Hi Sebastian,

Yeah I know it was an old thread but it was the only one I could find on the subject.

Thanks for your reply, it works great, I just couldn't get my head around it on my own :unsure:



BTW, you might want to delete TEMP once you finished your task. :wink: Either do it as action or via [ALT+T]

ahhh it all clicks into place now, for some unknown reason I was thinking TEMP put the tag into memory not another field :frowning:

Thanks again for your time.


You can also use a Remove fields action to remove the TEMP field :slight_smile:

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~ Florian

Hi Florian,

Yeah that's what I used to remove the TEMP field :smiley:


Oh, as I see above Sebastian has already suggested it :rolleyes:

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~ Florian