Tag to Filename Format String -- History Removal

Over time, users like myself may have accumulated a large collection of Format Strings, which to employ when using the tags to format file names. Some of these Format Strings may become redundant or defunct, and that inflates the list of format strings to unwanted proportions, making it difficult for the user to spot the appropriate format string. These can be removed the usual way, but at the moment the user can only remove either a single Format String or the complete history. Would it not be useful to add the option to delete any selection of format strings from the Format String history to avoid deleting them all at once, which forces a complete rebuild?

Thank you.

There are currently also the following alternatives:
You keep a history of format strings in a separate text file and copy/paste them to the convert function. This text file should be editted easily.

And, for the favourite filenames, it is also possible to store an action of the type "Format value" for _FILENAME which has the advantage that you can give it a descriptive name.

Thank you for suggesting these alternatives, ohrenkino.

Where is the history stored, for the brave among us? Have already searched, but not found.

The history is stored in the file mp3tag.cfg.
This file cannot be edited in a simple way.
If you delete it, you reset MP3tag to more or less the initial install status (exceptions are probably the columns, genres, actions and exports which are kept in separate files).