Tag to tag function

I want to use sub folder name as an album
and folder name as an artist for my mp3 audio

Yes, go ahead.
If you need further assistance, perhaps the FAQs and HowTos help:

I am not understanding

It is also rather hard to understand what you intend to do.
So: what have you tried so far?
Where did you get stuck?
What in the description of the HowTo and FAQs could not be applied to solve your problem?

Tell me about folders and subfolders with album and artist not about filename and title

I think the examples also mentioned how to access the folder part of a filename.
And if you do not want to add the information from the (partially qualified) filename to %TITLE%, then replace the field variable names with the ones that you want to use, e.g. %artist% and %album%

Ok thank you
The name of folder in mp3 tag is directory
Can you tell me what about subfolder

Which function do you want to use?
I would recommend Convert>Filename-Tag.
If you have a filename like
then use a mask
For a more detailed help please show us a real life filename and path

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