TAG types



The new custom columns feature is cool. But how do I do now, to know all the defined tag types on a file ? %_tag_read% shows me only the tag read by MP3T, right ?

Also, I have 2 wishes :

  • a cool feature would be to be able to edit each tag type separately (ID3V1, ID3V2, APE...), or making some automagical function to repair inconsistencies beetween the tags in one file
  • also, being able to read (and edit/remove ?) the file's ReplayGain info. It's possible to store ReplayGain info on MPC files (in the APE tag I guess), and foobar2000 manages to store this info on MP3 files too, though I don't really know where.
What do you think of these, Florian ?





fb2k stores the information in either APEv2 or ID3v2 fields:


You can remove them by using the extended fields dialog ([ALT+T]).


Hello MLL!

Just use the %_tag% placeholder (I've configured my "Tags"-column to show both the available tags and the tag displayed with %_tag_read% (%_tag%)).

Sorry, I think this will make things mor complex as needed and will propably bloat the GUI. You can already do this by doing some options clicking :wink:

You can even display the ReplayGain values in the file view, using the placeholders above and the new columns feature.

Best regards,
~ Florian