Tagg all files within a group of folders

Great software - As I learn more, I hope to contribute to the forum..

One item has me puzzled - I

have a music folder of "Crooners". (Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald etc .. )

Songs are in folders named for the Artist (no surprise here)

Can MP3Tag tag these files all at once somehow recursively ? What is the best way tp get tags to all the files in these folders ??

Thank you --

Bill Clark, Windham, VT

What information is where available?
To get information from the file names and folders see the FAQs:

Thank you for your reply ...I have used the tag converter succesfully in tagging hundreds of mp3's from file names - a fabulous feature..

I should be more specific - How can I tag the genre field and the Album field with the same value to 500 files nested below my Crooners folder, collected across 50 folders (all under the main folder called Crooners) ?

Maybe a script ? I have been looking around, but cannot seem to find the method

Thank you again,

Bill Clark

Load the files into MP3tag.
Select all the files that should get the same data in a field (e.g. Genre should get "Pop")
Enter "Pop" in the tag panel (default: on the left of the files list) in the field for "Genre"
Press Ctrl-S to save the changes or click on the "Save" button in the tool bar.
I think it is not necessary to repeat the description for ALBUM - yet I wonder which album has 500 tracks ....

HI - Thanks ---

I was thinking too much about this .. I simply dragged the folder onto the shortcut for MP3Tag and VOILA - all the files were there ! Fabulous.

I am using "Album" a bit differently here (HA HA) more like a playlist.. I may start to make different albums based on the Artist ..I think I just want some initial consistency ,

Thanks again

Bill Clark