Tagging a file as an Audiobook for Itunes

Hi, I've been using this program for a long time but there's one annoying thing that bothers me. It's an Itunes issue, but perhaps it's fiexable?

I can tag an audiobook correctly in Mp3tag, but after I import it into Itunes I must find it in the Music Section and tell Itunes it's an audiobook.

Can this be done with Mp3tag? If so, how? I cannot find it anywhere. I found an ITUNESMEDIATYPE tag but am not sure if this will help me, or how to use it in this situation.
Ideally, I would like to tag it prior to Itunes Import as an Audiobook.


As this is an iPod-problem ... I found a page


that shows the way around it. (I am not sure whether I am allowed to insert such a link to other pages. And: I do not take any responsibility for the quality of that link. If you are reluctant to use it please search for yourself with an proven way of internet search)

Apparently you also have to recode the files, merge them, rename them and other stuff. So it is not a problem of tagging but of file format.

Ah yes, I tried that in the past, but it always screws up the books, removes audio, etc. And it's a big waste of time to encode all mp3s into mp4bs, etc.

It's no longer necesarry, though. Now, a normal mp3 can be bookmarked by Itunes, as long as you tell Itunes that it's an Audio Book and you want to bookmark it (you do this by highlighting it, choosing Get Information, and then listing the Media Type as Audio. It doesn't re-encode it or anything. That's why I was curious as to whether this same 'flag' or 'tag' could be set in MP3Tag prior to import.

Thank you for the information about iTunes.
If you have successfully coaxed itunes to accept it as an ebook you might have a look with mp3tag at one of these files and check the tags in the "Extended tags" (select the track and press Alt-T)
This will show you all the tags. It could be that something ituneslike is now stored as tag like "itunespodcast" for podcasts that makes itunes take it as ebook.
You may then use this tag for the other tracks and see whether itunes accepts it the files as ebook.

Thank you for the advice, I tried it and then had Itunes rewrite the ID-Tags, but no extra information beyond the ordinary is there..dang. It was worth a shot!

You can set ITUNESMEDIATYPE = Audiobook in Mp3tag but it only works for AAC files.
Mp3 has no tag for it.

Okay - thank you!
I guess I've hit a brick wall. It would take me less time to find the title, highlight it, and choose Audio-Book in I-Tunes then it would if I converted them all to AAC prior to import and listed then as Audio-Books - which would limit their playability on other devices.

Oh well.. This is why I despise I-Tunes..

Does this also apply to setting the media type as "Podcast"? I have to manually set it too? (Sorry if basic question ... am new to mp3tag and still trying to find my way around)

For podcasts you can use different tags, see here:

You can find the files you just added much easier. In the iTunes Playlists goto [Recently Added].
If you don't have a [Recently Added] Playlist, you can create one by making a new Smart Playlist (Ctrl-Alt-N or [File] > New Smart Playlist (4th from the top))
The settings should be as follows:

  • Match ALL of the following rules
  • Date Added and is in the last and for the time frame I think 2 weeks is default, I usually use 1 and Months
  • Media Kind and is not and Podcast (Unless you want your Podcasts clogging it up)
  • Now this one is important. You need a Check in the box for 'Live Updating'
If you want to limit how many items are in the list you can check the box for Limit To: but make sure you select 'selected by' as 'Most Recently Added'. This can be helpful if you import/buy a lot of stuff all the time.

Hi guys!

I found a very easy way to do it, using CopyTrans Manager.
I made a video to demonstrate it, check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT19-gU6viA

Hope this helps!

You can do the same thing in iTunes, but your way, which is just an ad for CopyTrans (Which is an okay program but not useful for this), doesn't remember playback position, kinda needed for an Audiobook.

In iTunes you [Get Info] & go to the [Options] tab. For [Media Kind] choose 'Audiobook'. Check the boxes for [Remember Playback Position] & [Skip When Shuffling]