Tagging an MP3 takes a little under a minute

Hello; I'm new here. :slight_smile: Let me first say (without sounding like too much of a buttkisser) is one the best freeware projects on the internet, and I am priviledged to have found it. Florian, you have done some marvelous work.

My problem is this: I've come into possession of a batch of MP3s (all from the same source) that have pretty deep tags, with nearly all frames filled. All I want to do is some really basic formatting, like adding track numbers--the one field they're missing--and when I try to do this, each file takes around thirty seconds to do so. Individually. Usually, my computer takes about three seconds (if it's with album art; if not, it's a flash) or so. After I've added the track number, it doesn't get any better. It's still just as excruciatingly slow to do any more fields as it was before.

I would appreciate any help you guys could give. Honestly, this has been plaguing me for months, and I've been dreading formatting any of these files because of the intense pain the slowness causes me...

If I need to provide one of the files, just let me know. Also, it seems like it's just ID3v2, as v1 writes just fine. Removing tags is fine, too, but if I try to Undo...ugh. I had to wait an hour to undo that little experiment. :frowning:

Thanks, you guys--for any help you might give, and for a great, great program!

EDIT: Two more notes. The album art is only 256x256, and the reading of the tags when I import the files takes no longer than expected of any "normal" MP3.

Maybe this explains the issue: Why does it take so long to write ID3v2 tags?

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. :blush:

This answer to my question would make sense, except that these files already have ID3v2.3 tags. That's actually all they have--no ID3v1 at all. This is why my dilemma was so confusing.

I've found, however, that ID3v2.4 (UTF-8) works fine, and writes very quickly as expected. WMP and Winamp both recognize these tags, too. I'd love any more insight you have into my problem with ID3v2.3, but it appears I've at least found a workaround for the time being. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: