tagging from amazon

i have a little problem, not sure if it is a bug or has gone unoticed thus far. Before i start however, i want to express how fantastic this program is, it is the one stop solution to tagging all my MP3's that i have searched long and hard for.... so kuddos.

uI have been using the search for a tag for my song using amazon option. When it finds the correct album and artist I then select the correct song from the list it brings up. I am assuming that after i select the song it then exports all the tag info to the mp3 tag. What it actually is doing is inserting everything but the song title correctly, instead of inserting the selected song it simply picks the first song from the list under the particular album in amazon.

my song,

ac/dc - razor's edge

it will import

ac/dc - razor's edge and tag artist:ac/dc title:thuderstruck album: razor's edge

can someone tell me how to fix this?

thanks in advance


Drag the song to the top of the list or use Alt+Page Up

Tag&Rename does that automatically, it grays out the tracks that have not been selected by an album. Don't ask me how they do it. I'd love MP3Tag to work that way, too, because the way it currently works is not an option when tagging an incomplete library.

i would prefer that too ...