Tagging High Res

I've been using MP3tag for under a year but use it often. As a musician who records at home, I sometimes want my tracks to be higher than 44.1 and 24 bit but when I download a track at a high resolution, the tagging doesn't work. Is there a way to do this or is it a known item?

Which audio file format do you use? WAV? FLAC? MP3?

I can use WAV or FLAC. When I download from Pro Tools, I'd like to do it at 24 bit/96 kHz as a WAV and tag it but when I save that within mp3tag, it doesn't save so I convert it to 16bit/44.1kHz and it works.

Here is a similar report:

Yet, when I tagged the sample files, I did not see anything suspicious.
Are you sure that the files are OK?

Some players don’t look at tags in wav files correctly. You should be OK with FLAC or ALAC if you want to keep them most compatible.

They all play ok, I just wanted to reduce the amount of script in them as that can cause problems with my Bluesound players + I never get to see what the track is in my Arcam Streaming CD player before the display finishes as there is to much info. When I went to edit them most of the ID tags just disappeared from the MP3tag screen - I'm not sure they were actually removed from the file. I did upgrade to the latest version as a new one came out just as I was doing it but that made no difference.

I don't have problems with a number of 16 bit wave files nor do I have problems with flac. I particulaly want hese 24bit wav files as they sound so good. I use either Bluesound players or through an Arcam cd player into my hifi. They still play ok it was just in the tag editior that I appear to be having problems.

This does not say a lot about the file integrity. They could be ok but they could just as well be not ok and therefore untaggable.
It would be nice, if you could load them into an audio editor and save them again and then see whether the tags now stay.

II suspect the high resolution or high bitrate isn't causing the problem.
Rather, they could be corrupt in some form (incorrect existing tag format, corrupt header, etc.).
Recoding to a lower resolution and bit rate will likely fix these problems and consequently tagging with an MP3 tag works again.

I do not want to convert them to anything else. These files were downloaded from an official source not got of UTUBE etc. But thanks for your thoughts. So I will run them through Audacity and hopefully not have to conver them to 16bit WAV's I can get those directly from the cds that I have anyway

You do not have to sacrifice resolution downsampling to 16bit. You can still have 24bit FLAC and ALAC versions in lossless formats. These should enable you to add more tags then Wav. Further, if you convert to one of these formats, you can then convert back to wav without any degradation. Then try tagging again, to see if the rebuilt wav versions allow you to tag as you prefer.

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That was not my suggestion. It was a hint from me that it is not the higher resolution but some other problems that may cause the tagging problems. Writing the files again (with Audacity or ffmeg) at the same resolution may repair them so that you can start tagging again.

I myself sometimes have problems with wave-files, that can't be tagged because of a wrong header
I have defined a tool in Mp3Tag to rewrite these wavefiles without changes:
Name: Wave2Wave
Path: D:\FFMPEG\ffmpeg_x64.exe
Parameter: -i "%_filename_ext%" "%_folderpath%\%_filename%_out.wav"