Tagging song titles - Musicbrainz's style

Once in a while I need to tag an album that's not in the Musicbrainz database. The most tedious part of that is changing all the song titles so that the capitalization matches the one used by Musicbrainz and by extension all the other music in my library.

Their style rules are outlined here:


Is there a plugin available that already does this or would it be possible to write a regex syntax based on these rules? Thanks in advance!

See if the Grammartron set of actions helps you:

May I ask, why you don't add such missing albums to the (open source) MusicBrainz database?
You would do a big favour for all other users searching for exactly this album. :wink:

I assume, you have already saved a huge amount of time using the existing data from MB? Contributing to this database helps every user.

Excellent! I was able to modify it by removing all prepositions with more than 3 letters, now it fits the style used by MB exactly.

Huge thanks for pointing me in the right direction! Saved me a lot of time and effort.

I, of course, do that from time to time but it's not always that easy. A lot of times I'm not a 100% sure that the information I have access to is correct. When working with my own local files, I'll just leave those parts out - but that's not really an option when adding them to a database other people depend on for the correct information.

Great. Thanks for your support!

There are a lot of people at MB who can correct wrong or add missing data.
IMHO it's much better to have some basic data then no data at all. Additions can always be made. And during the 7 days voting periode you can be (almost) sure that someone will check your modifications. :wink: