Tagging Using folder and subfolders only


I just formatted my comp, so I lost an old action that I had copied off the forums..

my music is set up like this..


Earlier, I had an action that would just update the artist and the album tags using the folder and subfolder.. I can't use the filename to tag option, as each file name is different...

Any help?

Thanks :slight_smile:

"Filename - Tag" also supports directories:

If you want to use an action use "Format value" and the placeholders %_directory% and %_parent_directory%

Action type: Format value
Format string: %_parent_directory%

Hello :slight_smile:

I can't use the filename to tag as each of my filenames are different, so I can't create %dummy% or %title% accordingly..

Also, I tried the actions, but I don't seem to be getting it right.

here is what I did..

Actions>new action>format Value>
Field %_parent_directory%
Format value %artist%

Filed %_directory%
Format Value %album%

It doesn't work.. :frowning: what am I doing wrong?


EDIT: Figured it out.. thanks :slight_smile:

The converter also works. You can match the file name with only one placeholder:

I also edited my post to show a correct example for the action.