Tags Been Reset!

Hi all.

Actually this problem has been encountered long time ago since mp3tag Mp3tag v2.38 (2007) if I'm not mistaken.

But now I could not take it any longer.

The link below is the sample mp3 that its tag will be resetted when I load it through mp3tag.

*link removed

Can anyone please explain why.

Thank you so much.

Btw, right now I am using the latest one - Mp3tag v2.46a

Thank you.

The file has an APE tag.

Go to "Options > Tags > Mpeg" and disable everything with APE.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Can you please explain further.

What is that APE tag? It sounds new to me.

Thank you.

By the way, why should mp3tag reset all the tags when there's an APE tag inside the file?

It should not by right, is it?

By the way.

There's another issue...

I have another file that its tag is not showing when I load it to mp3tag.. (the tag is still preserved anyway) :frowning:

*link removed

OK, I've done several checking.

The problem now is reduced to those files with id3v1.

Why does mp3tag is not showing the tag although i've checked bot id3v1 and id3v2 for read?

Thank you.

Mp3tag can show only one tag at a time.
I see you've found a longer explanation of the issue.

You've provided a file, which has different tag types implemented.

There is an APE Tag containing name=value pairs:

This APE tag type has priority over all other tag types (in Mp3tag).
So this hides other Tag types, which might be included in the file too.

There is an ID3v2.3 Tag containing name=value pairs:
UNSYNCEDLYRICS:'||All at once,U+000DU+000AI finally took a moment and I'm realizing ... ... [Words and Music by Michael Masser and Jeffrey Osborne]'

There is an ID3v1 Tag containing name=value pairs:
Title:'All At Once'
Artist:'Whitney Houston'
Album:'Whitney Houston'
Comment:'° §uehime's ¶roduction® °'

You can read each Tag separately by setting an unique Read option in Mp3tag Tags/Mpeg options.
If the Read option from the APE Tag type is set together with other Tag types, then the APE Tag type has the priority over all other Tag types.

A good way to go would be ...

The goal is: Remove the APE Tag completely, ever.
If necessary, prior to the remove, you can save the ReplayGain values from the APE Tag to the ID3v2 Tag.
A few days ago there was published a work instruction here in the forum.
Feature Request: Delete (and copy between) certain types of tags (ID3v1, APE)

If the other APE tagging ReplayGain calculator application had made permanent gain changes to the file, then you have to reverse this process first. Run the ReplayGain UnDo process offered by the other application.
Afterwards use Mp3tag to cut the APE Tag away.
Then use foobar2000 to add new ReplayGain values to the file into the ID3v2 Tag.

Copy the ID3v1 Tag values to the related tag fields into the ID3v2 Tag, if needed, e. g. for later online research.
Remove the ID3v1 Tag, because on modern player devices the ID3v1 Tag type has no relevance.

Apply only ID3v2 Tag to your files.
If you want to have compatibility with Windows Explorer property dialog, then use ID3v2.3 UTF-16 as your standard tagging type.


Thank you so much DetlevD for your assistance.

But it seems that the main issue I'm having here is to force mp3tag to read both tag at the same time with id3v2 should be the precedent of the id3v1.

I think the rest of the discussion should be discussed here:

Read ID3v1, IDv2, APE priority?

Thank you.