Tags display correctly in Windows, but won't work in players (!BAD ID3v2)

A very strange thing:

I have a pretty large MP3 collection I've mostly ripped from my CD's. I used iTunes to rip them and they came information attached. Worked beautifully with pretty much everything and anything.

I recently did some reorganizing of my file system and I moved all of my music files to another internal drive. And suddenly no music player recognizes the appropriate information. However, when I browse the files in Windows Explorer, the tags show up just fine and I can organize my files according to them.

I imported all of the files to mp3tag and it gives the tag (!BAD ID3v2), which kind of explains why they won't work properly. But since Windows Explorer still sees them, the information is out there. I was wondering if there's a way to get the information transferred and make the ID3 tags functional?

Try setting these preferences (see attached)

Then select one file to test it.

Right click>remove tag

Then save the tag.

Try the same file in your preferred player.

Unfortunately that only removed the little tag data Windows had.

I managed to solve this issue by copying the files again from a backup. Now they work just fine again. Very mysterious, but at least functional again.

Thanks to everybody for chipping in.

One of life's little mysteries :smiley:

I would recommend downloading this tool for checking mp3's integrity though.