Tags edited in Mp3tag don't show in VLC player

I'm sorry if there is a topic similar to be found elsewhere actually, but when I searched the internet I couldn't find an explanation nor solution to my problem.

The thing is, I edit basically all my mp3 files in Mp3tag (just updated to v2.72).
And I mainly use VLC media player to play them on my PC, but I also use other player that has artist/album/title search function, and another player on my smartphone.
So, to explain the problem - out of all the players I use, only VLC player has tendency to show completely different title/artist/album name tags for some albums than those that I have saved with Mp3tag.
That means the VLC and the other player show completely different tag information for the same song.
Oh yeah, and my android smartphone VLC even changed tags for albums that appear correctly in my PC version VLC.

What can I do, so that VLC would show the edited mp3 tags?
Is the problem with files themselves?
Or with VLC?

Just to say, there's no problem with album art.

Apparently VLC has its own database.
You have to update it.

Here is some advice on VLC on Android:

So look for similar features in the PC VLC.

No, it didn't help. The same albums are still showing wrong tags - on my android.
I couldn't find the function on PC VLC.

So please ask the VLC forum how to do that.

First question: Which VLC Show the wrong tags? PC-VLC (which Version) or Android VLC (which Version 1.0 BETA or 1.6x) or both?

Second question: On PC-VLC: Do you have the "Allow metadata Network Access" Option in the Preferences (simple preferences) enabled or disabled? (VLC fetches the metadata for CDs automatically when enabled - maybe for MP3-files too)

Now a test:

  • Search a MP3-file with wrong Tags and make a copy to an other Folder.
  • Open the copy with an Editor (best would be a hexeditor like the text-Viewer from ZTree but every plain Text-Editor like the Editor from Windows 7 works too)
  • Look at the end of the MP3-File if the "wrong" Data in the ID3v1-Data (The order is Track-Title, Artist, Album, Year, Comment)
  • On the begining of the file is usually the ID3v2-Data (Track-Title after TIT2, Album after TALB, Artist after TPE1).

If one of the ID3-Data contains the wrong Data and the other not - than you should control your MP3TAG preferences.
Maybe you have disabled the reading, writing and removing of one of the two Versions.

If not, than the Problem is within the VLC (try to disable the metadata fetching and purge every metadata-cache within VLC - happy searching in the AppData-Folder of Windows :slight_smile: )

With best regards Thoma G.M. Mainka

Having same problem using Windows 10 with Mp3Tag v3.12 and VLC v3.0.16 Vetinari. Tags added with Mp3Tag are ID3v2.3 (RIFF ID3v2.3). Tags sometimes show up in VLC and sometimes don't. If I have added album artwork it appears when tags appear. Hate to give up either Mp3Tag or VLC, so solutions are welcome. Thanks!

Did you have a look at this thread:

The next question would be whether VLC supports tags in WAV files.
(and these are usually player problems which would be topics for the player's support)