Tags invisible for MP3Tag


I have recently bought some tracks from the iTunes store. Playing them from Logitech Media Server I also looked into the tags and realized that LMS reads tags which MP3Tag and foobar do not recognize. AKID, ATID, GEID ... just to name a few. They are only on newer purchases. Until about a year ago, they were not present.
Why doesn't MP3Tag read those tags. This is very anoying.


Not to be picky, I'm assuming you mean certain fields within a tag. That is, I assume mp3tag is reading album, artist, genre, etc. From the file tag. What info is contained in these fields? Are these music files, audiobooks, ringtones, or ??


They are music fiiles. The non-recognized tags contain numbers for the larges part. They seem to be catalouge numbers of iTunes.


Under Tags>Mpeg in the options (Ctrl+O) have you all these read tags ticked?


I have tried all possible combinations of the read mode. MP3Tag recognizes only MP4 tags anywhy. I have even removed all tags from the file with the 'remove' functionality. Guess what, it didn't kill the special iTunes tags.

What I am most irritated about ist, that I seem to be the only one who is noticing this. Aren't there any other squeezebox users around?


Lots of Squeezebox users around here, including me. And I have a handful of itunes purchases, maybe 200 out of 70,000 tracks (I mostly avoid, as I prefer to have FLAC lossless files). But with regard to the itunes purchases, I guess I'm simply not bothered with a few stray fields in their tags that don't seem to relate to anything I do with the files.

What exactly bothers you about having those fields in the tags. They are not hurting anything as far as playing the files, editing other metadata, etc. Just curious.


Ah, I see your concern at the slimdevices forum. I've answered over there.


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