Tags' keys case

In the history of changes i've noticed that in the last release was removed the 'Case settings of tag item keys' opiton setting:

[2006-05-28] REL: VERSION 2.36 (for Windows 2000/XP/2003)

[2006-02-26] CHG: removed option 'Case settings of tag item keys'.

IMO this setting was useful for some applications that are heavily "case sensitive" regarding ID3v2 tags, like Native Instruments' Traktor DJ Studio (a friend that uses extensively this software asked me to help him in some tag managing and I've found that Mp3tag is an excellent tool for his needings!).

Actually i've noticed that keys' case is converted to UPPERCASE if tags are modified through the quick tag edit panel where it remains unchanged if tags are modified through othersmethods like the filename - tag conversion.

It would be great to me managing tags via the quick panel without changing the case of tags keys... more easier than export them on a file, write that file and then re-importing tags from the modified file.

I searched through the forum but i didn't find any post regarding this item: why this setting was removed? Is there any possibility to reactivate it?

Thanks in advance for your attention. I apologize for my poor english: I'm Italian and my knowledge of this language is far than good!  :frowning: 


    V. S.


Many thanks, dano: it's clear that I'm not so able to do searchings in this forum :frowning: ... but I will learn soon, sure! :slight_smile:

Nevertheless, the post you have referred doesn't resolve my problem: first, because is not clear to me how to use the Case conversion action to change the case of a specifica tag (for example, what action can I use to change the case of the "TRAKTORID" tag key to a lowecase "traktorid"?); second because my need is to conserve the current case of the tag key that may be variously mixed (for example, "TraktorLastPlayed" or "TraktorReleaseDate").

Note that all tags involved in my problem are contained in ID3v2 'TXXX' frames.

Many thanks for your patience...!

    V. S.

Ok, so that "removed option" is not really your problem.

I guess that you have added the fields where the case changes to the tag panel, right?

All you need to do is close Mp3tag, go to %appdata%\Mp3tag\data and open the file usrfields.ini

There you can change the case of each field.
From e.g.

Conclusion: Whenever you make a change in the tag panel, the case from usrfields.ini is used.

:w00t: Wheee... That's the way!!! :w00t:

Thanks dano: this resolves all my troubles! Tweaking <i>usrfields.ini</i> allowed me to manage all those tags without altering key case, exactly as I need.

Nothing to say other than, again, many thanks for your quick and resolutive answer!


    V. S.