Tags not shown properly

Hi everyone,
It's been days I'm trying to figure out why the release date won't show properly on my iPhone. I've edited the RELEASETIME and YEAR fileds to "2010-07-30T07:00:00Z". It iTunes, it seems to show the modification properly (Date de publication means Release Date):

Yet, on my iPhone, I only get the year of release:

Also, I've edited the COPYRIGHT field to « ℗ 2010 Arcade Fire Music, Llc » but it's not shown anywhere on iTunes nor on my iPhone. Here's what I should get:

What did I do wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately I can't see the pictures (Getting a Domain unregistered error from Imageshack.)

But I have a question.

Are the files Mp3's or M4a's ? The reason why I ask is, these Tags are only showable in iTunes when used on M4a (AAC) when these tags exists in Mp3 then iTunes will not show this info.


Hey, I didn't think about that! I've just converted the MP3s to M4A with iTunes, opened them with Mp3tag, edited them, and synced them with my iPhone and now all the info (even the copyright) are properly shown on my iPhone and on iTunes. The only thing is that my files -- which were at a 320 kbit/s rate -- are now at a 256 kbit/s rate.

Many thanks, you made my day! :laughing:

you do understand that you're converting "lossy" (mp3) to "lossy" (mp4). Transcoding lossy to lossy creates another level of data loss (think about multiple generations of a cassette tape). The extra loss may not be audible to you, thus OK, but in general this is not a good idea.