Text file - Tag converter freezes tool bar in v3.05a

To reproduce:

  • install Mp3tag v3.05a - Beta, standard installation, as Administrator
  • import tag data from a text file


  • all functions on the tool bar are greyed out and inoperable
  • if Mp3tag is closed, it remains in Task Manager and cannot be reopened until killed.


  • the MP3tag context menu still works and performing an "Export" returns functionality to the tool bar

After reverting to v3.05, the problem does not occur.

I can confirm that.
When closing MP3tag there is the error message
"Not enough memory addressable to complete the operation!
Please restart MP3tag and try with fewer files"
(I tried it with 15 files)
Mp3tag.dmp (113,2 KB)

Thanks for reporting and testing!

Can you check if Mp3tag v3.05b fixes the issue for you?

It seems to be solved.
I tested it with the same files (those 15).
The toolbar got restored, no error message, no dump.

So: thank you.

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Yes, the issue is fixed with Mp3tag v3.05b

Excellent! Thank you both for confirming the fix.

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