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I have compiled a string of TAG values I'd like to export to be manipulated with in Excel and then imported again.
I am using this script for the exporting:
$loopend()build on %_date% with %_app% - the universal Tag editor - http://www.mp3tag.de/en/"

Everything wihtin Excel seems good the various TAGs are display in the correct column.

When doing the import I copy the string from the script:

This gives me a lot of 'Cannot pass line xx ...
I have tried to move the variables around, remove some ';' and put in some %dummy% to get things to align properly but it seems that I end up in a situation where the firste line is being used as input for the filename in the second line....so everything is sort of mis-aligned one line.

What is the proper way to do this export og TAG values into e CSV file and the do an import again?


csv_2nd.mte (504 Bytes)

Bach_Chopin.txt (14 KB)

Try with one, two or three fields, if it works, then it works with many too.
Carry the %_PATH% system variable with you to get the lines linked to the track files from export to import.
Respect the language oriented ambitions of Excel and it's delimiter characters when handling CSV/SSV/TSV... files.

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Thnx bunch!

That solved my problem.

My import string lacked the absolute reference to the file itself :astonished:

Well, I seem to have got it to work now, using: "%_folderpath%%_filename_ext%"
as the absolute reference (without quotes).
Now, is there any difference between using the: %_path" and the "%_folderpath%%_filename_ext%" ?

Rgrd. the export/import stuff, I might be ignorant and have not yet seen the proper way of processing but it seems a bit cumbersome to me. My experince is that there are a lack between the export and import part; I would like some kind of connection e.g. the export string used to be stored along with the exported information and the import part to be able to read this and suggest that as an input string ... will you consider that?

/Cheers S

(typos corrected)
I cannot see any difference. Both are evaluated to the same identical absolute path string.


Yes I think so, even Mp3tag should support this quasi CSV standard, having a header line, which describes the names of the target tag fields and the line structure of the following data lines.
This would make the import process more automatical worth than now.