Text is missing


I don't know why, but all text from the columns on the left (Artist, album etc.) are missing and it's really hard to edit information.

Here's a pic:

Thank you.

You have to select at least one entry in the files list to see data in the tag panel.

Yeah, but even if I do I don't have text. Maybe this has to do with me migrating my OS to an SSD couple of months back.

I even cannot see any field-description in the tag-panel.
Why don't you just reinstall MP3Tag?

Believe me, I've tried. No clue why I'm having issues.

Did you delete the file mp3tag.cfg?

Hmm, I can't seem to find that in any folder. I haven't deleted any files myself, so could it have been an installing issue? I have tried reinstalling though.

Reinstalling does not really help as it only replaces updated program files but not the files that were modified by the user.
You would have to remove MP3tag completely.

She the FAQs for possible places where to find mp3tag.cfg:

There has to be this file because it is created during installation.

How did you install MP3Tag, normal installation or portable installation?
If you install it normal the settings of MP3Tag are stored in the hidden windows-folder

During first start of the program there is a file with the name ursfield.ini created in %appdata%\mp3tag\data. This file contains all setting-informations of your tag-panel and this file can get corrupted with double entries. Also the file mp3tag.cfg can get corrupted.